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Monday, July 12, 2010

How Many Pairs of Sunglasses Do You Own?

What Shape Suits Your Face?

Hey my trendy fashionistas!
Above we see Fergie wearing her FAVORITE pair of shades! 
What are your favorite pair of sunglasses that you own? Do you have just one lucky pair or 12 different unique pairs? I keep hearing about celebs that are obsessed and have dozens of sunglasses like myself!
If there's one accessory you have to have this summer it's definitely a COOL pair of shades. 
How many pairs do you have? What's your favorite style? 
I just recently bought a new pair of Ray Bans that are back in from the 80s! ( I could have just stole them right out of my mom's closet) ;-)
Do you want to find the PERFECT pair for your face shape?
I used to think that no sunglasses looked right on me but then I decided to do some research to figure out what kind of shades would look best with my face shape and you know that I had to share with my chicas =]

Whether your face is shaped oval, square, triangle, heart shaped or diamond shaped there are tons of styles that can fit your face shape. 

Oval Shaped-> <3 Those of you girls with oval shaped faces have lots of sunglass options since your face is a universal structure in that almost all styles and designer glasses look flattering on you. Oval face shapes tend to have high cheekbones and chins which are narrower than your own forehead. You girls should definitely find sunglasses that complement your eyebrow structure/shape! 

Square Shape- If you have a square face your strong points are your jaw and widened forehead including broad cheekbones as well. Since your face looks square your aim is to make it look lengthened: choose sunglasses that are heavy on the top and rounded to contrast your square features.

Heart Shaped->  If you have a face shaped like mine in a heart, your features include a wide forehead and a long narrow chin. Find glasses that are brightly colored which will draw attention to the top of your face to show off your best features.  

These are my favorites =] -> 

Peace, Love and Style,
Fashionista XOXOXOX

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Howdy Chicas !

  Hot Or Not?

Hey there my trendy chicas! 
What do you think of boots paired with shorts or dresses?
Vanessa Hudgens below shopping out in LA this month got me thinking, what a stylish and perfect way to pair cowboy boots with a pair of ripped denim shorts during the summertime! Do you think it's trendy?
Miley Cyrus always seems to rock this combo pretty often and it seems like Vanessa Hudgens is able to pull it off as well! Do you like it? Would you wear this combo? I found my pair of cowboy boots at at a great price! You can even wear your boots with a cute dress, especially a strapless white dress to dress it up for an evening out with friends or for a night out with your boyfriend! Urban Outfitters has everything from cute ripped denim shorts to fun flowy dresses! Below is an outfit I personally picked out to match perfectly with your classy cowgirl boots! 

And even add a touch of accessory by adding this vintage necklace or dangling earrings. 
Everything can be found at
Have fun Shopping Girls!


Your Fashionista

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Oh my you have a lucky charm?

Oh my posh do you have a lucy charm?


Hey girls!
Do you have a bracelet or a necklace that you absolutely refuse to take off because you swear that it brings you good luck? 
Or maybe something you wear only on special occasions, like for a big performance or on the first day of school?
Spotted Lauren Conrad: wearing the trendiest new wish bracelet made in Brazil called a Brazilet. 

The idea behind Brazilets is that you tie a knot three times and make a wish for every knot you tie. 
When the bracelet falls off naturally it is said that all of your wishes will come true ladies. So ladies, do you have a lucky charm? 
Get your hands on a Brazilet like Lauren Conrad and watch your dreams come true!

Go to to purchase your good luck charm! 

About Brazilets:
These spiritual wish bracelets are 200 years old and started as a tradition in Brazil.
It is said that when the bracelet naturally falls off your three wishes you made when tying the three knots will come true.
In 2008 Kael Robinson found a fashionable way to make a difference in the world. 

Stay Fashionable Girls

Peace, Love and Fashion,
Meghan xoxox